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The only water bottle worldwide with a unique integrated fruit press
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Haldenstrasse 13 CH-8634 Rapperswil


PressaBottle Limited Edition
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PressaBottle Limited Edition

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Thank you for every smile!

For most people, the global pandemic has become a real challenge. Restrictive measures and a reduced quality of life have for the most part weighed on the mood of all of us.

How wonderful , if you despite difficult life situation Meet people with a smile and a "Grüezi" .

That got us motivated to look towards the sun so that Shadows fall behind us.

With the PressaBottle Limited Edition we want with the four elements Health, love, peace and happiness put back lived friendships and lifestyle in the foreground.

Away from stressful everyday issues, intoTogether, enjoy again, celebrate beautiful moments, recharge your batteries.

Ludek Martschini of Ideart and I from Salesbroker GmbH have been for a long time traveling together as friends . We are also connected to many projects that we were able to realize together in the past.

Due to the difficult economic times Ludek has reinvented himself and about the newly launchedSketch courses a new business area opened .

Ludek as the illustrator of the PressaBottle, united with the limited edition his cheerful sketching with a healthy drinking style.

Under the With the motto "together creative" we are pleased to present the new PressaBottle "Happy People".

Also available as a bundle with a Sketch book, a pencil and a sharpenerFor fruitasticand creative momentsin the nature.

We're glad if you yourself treat yourself to a PressaBottle Limited Edition and a couple of l post cheerful photos .

Day us on Instagram or Facebook at @ and! You are guaranteed to get a "fruity like" back.

Available in our shop from mid-March!

Your Dany and Ludek

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