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Weltneuheit Spoondrink
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World novelty spoondrink

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The new tea pleasure from the spoon for your PressaBottle

Dive into the new world of Spoondrink with us!

With the new range of Spoondrink we offer you one new tea enjoyment from the spoon at which your Drinking habits on ingeniously simple and healthy  Art support can.

the sustainability is for us one Central theme where we worth a lot in the procurement of unique products place.

That is why we use wherever possibleon renewable resources.

We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for the best possible for you than ours customer .

the World novelty spoondrink is another brilliant product , which fits fantastically into our range.

We therefore simply call the spoon drink our `` SPOONY ''

We are with the Classic black and green tea started successfully.

From June 2021 we will also use the include both apple & cherry and Kir Royal fruit teas in the Swiss range .

Spoondrink working on it, to increase the sustainability of the entire product to the maximum (Packaging, spoon, tea).
We achieve the ambitious goal of a completely compostable product , let's leave them Pop the cork properly .

we are happy now to the "Bio-Spoony"!

Let us know which teas you yourself in the future by Spoondrink wish .
We give away for  every input, that we are about received from you, one CHF 10.00 shopping voucher .

We are enthusiastic about the innovative teaspoon spoondrink.


Finest tea in yours PressaBottle:

  • Simply put the teaspoon in the basket
  • Pour hot or boiling water on top
  • to let go
  • Take out the spoon
  • fill the basket insert with the fruits of your choice
  • Close the bottle and press

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