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Healthy lifestyle and sustainability

With the introduction of Pressa Bottle in the Swiss market, we have pursued two of our heart's concerns: The promotion of a healthy lifestyle and sustainability through a reusable water bottle.



Unique and simply awesome!

What we particularly like about this bottle is that unique integrated fruit press. Because of the simple turning and pressing mechanism (twist & press) you can press the fruit directly into the water and get a real, intense fruit flavor that outshines every infused water. We like to call it pressed water. You can refill the bottle with water several times and keep squeezing out the fruit.

A simple, yet brilliant concept - just awesome!

  • You know exactly every single ingredient in your drink
  • You have natural energizers
  • You get a refreshing kick with every sip
  • You get natural support for your metabolism
  • Your body gets water-soluble vitamins
  • You drink less calories
  • Your water is full of flavor



No more carbonated soft drinks!

Anyone who has discovered Pressa Bottle knows that there are almost no limits to fruit combinations. With this healthy choice, you'll have no hard time to ditch the unhealthy, carbonated and sugar-loaded soft drinks.

The new drinking culture is now called „let's twist and press“ with Pressa Bottle!

Do you already have your own Pressa Bottle?



Spare Parts:

Do you need a spare part of the Pressa Bottle? No problem, we have them.

The Pressa Bottle is structured as follows:

1. Tritan or glass bottle

2. Basket

3. Lid with integrated press in three different colors

4. Sleeve in three different colors

Under the link "Questions and Answers" you will find more about the topic.

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