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Recommend and benefit from the PressaBottle water bottle

Do a joy to others and deserve with it one Additional to your cash register😊  

This offer is only valid within Switzerland🇨🇭


 And that's how it works:

  1. Register you in our shop If you are already registered, start at point 22)
  2. send us afterwards an email with the code word "Extra " to the following address:
  3. We send you your terms and your personal Discount-code via e-mail to whichever of your friends, acquaintances and colleagues as a recommendation can forward
  4. Activate subsequently the plucking program by receiving yourDiscount code yourself for the first time redeems and a PressaBottle of your choice. If you have already made a purchase in our shop, the code will be activated automatically.
  5. Any code redeemed will you each end of the month with a Additional in Swiss Francs hardened and tempered. (Transfer to your bank or postal account)
  6. Will the Code redeemed at least 25 times within one month, we will compensate you additionally one blanket allowance in Swiss Francs transfer to your bank or postal account


 What needs to be considered:

  • The discount code is only redeemable for the purchase of PressaBottles. (Not valid for boutique items)
  • After activation, you cannot share your discount code publicly within your circle of friends by email, via WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger or on your closed social media group posten
  • It is not allowed to publicly advertise the discount code. You personally recommend and will be rewarded for it
  • There are no costs for you
  • If your discount code is not used for 3 consecutive months, it will be deactivated automatically
  • We reserve the right to irrevocably delete the code if we discover any misuse


Do you have questions or suggestions:

Great, we look forward to hearing from you: ☎️+41 44 585 15 11

Pressed regards

Pressa Bottle Team Switzerland

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