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Guarantee and return

When am I entitled to warranty:

Pressa Bottle Switzerland grants an exchange of the product for the following defects over two years after the date of purchase:

  • Defective product upon receipt
  • Product shortage
  • You ordered or received the wrong item

We allow ourselves to check the product individually after receipt and to first declare it as a guarantee. The exchange will then be carried out and the postage costs for your return will be reimbursed to you.

  • Please report your warranty claim first by mail on 
  • Please briefly explain why you want to claim warranty coverage
  • We will answer you immediately and give you the shipping address
  • Upon receipt, we will review your application and exchange the product for you free of charge


What products can I return:

Products are entitled to returnvia were obtained directly and do not correspond to the claim of our product description.

1.Return period

30 days Right of return on fromPressa Bottle Switzerland purchased products.

The return periods apply from the date of dispatch. The date of the postmark or personal return is decisive for the return.

2ndNo refund policy

Unfortunately, we cannot offer returns in the following cases:

  • If there is no proof of purchase
  • With damaged articles with own fault
  • If the original packaging is not available
  • Bottles that are not complete body, sleeve, basket, caps)

3rdRefund value

If the product can be returned, the following refund rules apply:

Full refund at the stated purchase price:

  • The item is in unopened, undamaged original packaging

Individual check:

  • Item with damaged packaging
  • Items that show transport damage
  • Items that have a quality defect

4thReturn costs

The postage costs for the return of articles are generally borne by the sender.

5. Process
  • Please report your claimby mail on 
  • Please briefly explain why you want to claim a return
  • We will answer you immediately and give you the shipping address
  • After receiving the product, we will check your application and inform you of the further procedure by email


Pressed regards

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