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The new generation of tea

First delivery from March 2021!



Treat yourself to a break from everyday life with the practical spoon.

Discoverthe simple tea preparation WithSpoondrink:


Of the new tea enjoyment from the spoon  For  On road or Home .

Always at hand on business trips , in the office or where your thirst for you fresh tea to Break get.

No  Spill, no Squeezing out tea bags , none wet fingers more!

Simply dip the spoon with the tea of your choice in hot water, stir and enjoy.


What material is the spoon made of??

Our sustainable spoon consists mainly of natural corn starch.

It convinces both in terms of quality and in practical application.

The sustainability our products are very important to us. Therefore our spoon is made of Starches .

As a polysaccharide, starch is a natural biopolymer, which is stored in the cells of plants in the form of starch grains as an energy storage substance

The constant Further development our products regarding sustainability is for us central . We want to show that there are always ways To replace plastic with renewable raw materials . 

Discover our range in our online shop and bring your tea experience home now!


Spoondrink relies on the values of trust, responsibility and sustainability..

We care about the environment , in order we responsible deal with the resources of our planet. We reduce plastic and integrate renewable raw materials .

The Sustainability is and will remain central in the Further development of our products.

We only process  high quality and only coarsely ground teas . So our spoondrink stays spoon Fresh longer than a traditional tea bag . We pack each spoon individually!


Black tea:

Black tea helps against bad breath.

The secret of why this tip is the unpleasant one odor from the mouth, lies in the im black tea contained Polyphenols.  These prevent bacteria in the mouth from multiplying.

Black tea will fermented and thus receives his dark coloring and the characteristic taste.


Tea leaves Fine cut
spicy, earthy, sweet
taste typically spicy, caramel-like
Color in the cup copper red to brown

South India

Green tea:

Green tea is one gentle kick for health and differs from black tea among other things in the Preparation, taste, ingredients and effects of the infusion.

For the production ofGreen tea will the Prevents fermentation and so those Effect of the active ingredients better preserved . Green tea isbeneficial for one base-rich diet .


Tea leaves Fine cut
infusion tart, smoky
taste flowery, mild
Color in the cup dark yellow
origin China


Rock sugar

Rock sugar is special very popular with tea drinkers andgoes perfectly with our teas.

BrownRock candy is still in production caramelized and thus gets its typical color.

Black tea usually has a certain maltiness, which is caused by the delicate caramel taste ofRock candyyet additionally emphasized becomes.


Rock sugar
caramelized sugar solution
storage store dry
colour golden brown, amber
Rock candy higher molasses content
taste aromatic

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