Tea starter package with an extra shot of rock candy from Spoondrink — Pressabottle Switzerland
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Tea enjoyment starter package with 110 spoons

SFr. 49.00 SFr. 49.00

Spoondrink's entire tea variety!

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Starter pack with 110 teaspoons and rock sugar

Fresh tea for your PressaBottle!

  • spoon in the Basket insert give
  • pour hot water
  • stir , let go, take out
  • fruit in the Basket insert give
  • Press and enjoy !
  • Suitable for the glass bottle version

    Spoondrink's entire tea variety with an extra shot of rock candy.
    From the classics to our unique teas, everything is included:
    • 1 x box of 15 apple & cherry
    • 1 x box of 15 Kir Royal
    • 1 x box of 40 green tea
    • 1 x box of 40 black tea
    • 1 x 15 PillowBox rock sugar

    Start now with a colorful mix of spooned tea!

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